Christmas Cookies Czech Style

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Czech cookiesClick here for Czech Christmas cookies à la Montreal.

@Czech Food in Montreal

Beets@Bouillon Bilk

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Bouillon Bilk

Kaza Maza: Syrian on Parc

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"Kaza Maza Montreal"

Kaza Maza is one of those restaurants I’ve meaning to go to since its opening, but only made it to this fall. And now Kaza Maza is one of those places I’ll have to revisit. The Syrian restaurant opened more than three years ago, and it was totally worth the wait.

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Sink: Maison Publique

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"Sink Maison Publique Montreal"

Sink: Maison Publique

Caprese at home

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Taste MTL @ Raza

November 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

"Raza dessert"

Raza – My second Taste MTL venture. There is something subtly impressive about this place – Possibly its modern-minimal narrow interior, the large plexiglassed-off window to the kitchen, or the intriguing menu full of bold ingredients and attention to detail.

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